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The Foreign Law Office is a portal designed to help you find efficient International legal advice on your issues. We set up as a usual law practice in 2012 and used consultant solicitors for complex tasks. Since then we realised the demand was more for foreign issues and there were not many UK lawyers who actually had the expertise of another jurisdiction. Our contacts in the industry make us one of the best sought offices to go to for this expert advice. 

Our Practice

Foreign Law issues

International Human rights, Breaches of International Humanitarian Law, International custody, Divorce, Investment arbitration, Commercial disputes, Foreign probate issues, Foreign banking, mergers and acquisitons. International Criminal law


We have lawyers in India, Pakistan, Dubai, Israel, Geneva, Spain, France, Switzerland, Russia and Croatia and Africa.Wherever your dispute we can handle it.


Spanish Law

Inheritance, Wills, Trusts, Business disputes, Expat Legal advice, etc.

Our Team

Bobby Madan (Founder of the Foreign Law Office) is a legal professional with over 10 years experience in the legal profession. He started his career as a Paralegal where he remained self employed from 2014  completing his Period of recognised training  under the supervision of David Jonathan Dunitz. However Bobby’s true passion was not in being a solicitor but building a collaboration between foreign legal professionals and those in the UK. He has extensive experience in working with large clients and has a stellar reputation for his diverse legal, sales and customer service history.


Bobby has a masters degree in International Commercial Law  from Brunel University. Bobby’s aim is to bridge the understanding between UK and International Jurisdictions.



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