International Dispute Settlement

The Foreign Law Office focuses on disputes which could be both politically sensitive and those between indiviuals and state. Our broad range  of knowledge means our team can assist in matters such as Arbitration, The International Court, The Law of the Sea, International Trade Disputes, The United Nations and the work of Regional Organisations. We therefore have a legal team which works in all areas of International Dispute Settlements and closely with the relevant agencies and bodies to help you have your dispute settled correctly through the correct mechanism. 



Non-molestation Order

This is an order which safeguards you in the case of an imminent threat to your life or physical and verbal behaviour. A non molestation order can be granted quickly. It carried a sentence if broken of up to 5 years and a 5 year prison term depending as the maximum punishable. Our Mc Kenzie friend service can assist you with this.

Cost: we charge £500.00 inc vat for the Non Molestation Order. There is presently no hearing fee.

Disclosure forms from the court and answering questions from opponent solicitors can cause you much discouragement. Your partner can file a number of questions which may cause you immense stress for example a schedule of deficiencies explaining that you have not declared everything. You may be better to gain the assistance of a Mc Kenzie friend for this type of work. Only with the consent of the courts could we represent you. Having someone on your side can make the burden feel lighter.

Cost: The cost on this needs to be discussed in light of your circumstances and earnings.

Please note: You would need to sign our terms and conditions confirming you are aware of our status as Mc Kenzie friends and that you understand we are not a solicitors practice and at no time do we claim to be one.

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